New Enemies

Of course you will encounter a variety of new enemies in SpellForce: The Breath of Winter, including a few very impressive final enemies. But we don't want to give away too much at this point.

New Spells

There are spells hidden in Campaign Mode as well as in Freeplay Mode. These spells have a noticeably different effect than the spells you have encountered so far. New Equipment and Equipment-Sets

New enemies call for new weapons. SpellForce: The Breath of Winter offers 150 new pieces of equipment. This also now includes equipment-sets with three pieces of equipment that belong together, per set.

Your Avatar receives a special bonus when he is carrying all the items of one set. Nine sets are available altogether:



Rune magic

The values of the items in the equipment sets increase by 50%

Aonirs Light

Mana ant

life points regenerate 50% faster


A 10% chance that an attacking short-range enemy will hit himself

Critical Short-range Hits

A 10% chance that the carrier will cause triple damage in short-range combat

Critical Long-distance Hits

A 10% chance that the carrier will cause quadruple damage in long-distance combat

Efficient Magic

Every spell costs 20% less Mana. Auras are not included

Efficient Aura

Every Aura effect costs 33% less Mana

Critical Magic Hits

A 25% chance that all attack-spells will cause double damage


All healing spells have a 50% higher grade of efficiency

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