Deridexclass Warbirds active in the Maelstrom

  • I.R.W. Soryak, Captain Torenn, sighted in the Tevron and Beol systems.
  • I.R.W. Chairo, Captain Terrik, sighted in the Belaruz system.


Displacement: Overall Length: Overall Draft: Overall Beam: Propulsion:


Complement: Phasers:

Torpedoes: Special: Shields: Shield Ratings: Hull Rating:

4,320,000 metric tons 1,042 meters 285 meters 772 meters

2 Type 5C6 Quantum Singularity Energized Warp Drive Units

2 Class 4A Augmented Nuclear Fusion Impulse Units

Warp 5.0 Standard Cruising Speed

Warp 9.0 Maximum Cruising Speed

Warp 9.6 Maximum Attainable Velocity

1,500 Officers and Crew

1 Forward Mounted Disruptor Beam

4 Side Mounted Primary-Focus Disruptor Cannons

2 Direct-Fire Photon Torpedo Tubes (1 Forward & 1 Aft) Cloaking Device


8 Fore, 8 Aft, 8 Dorsal, 8 Ventral, 8 Port, 8 Starboard 24

Cardassian Vessels

Galor-Class Attack Cruiser The Gator-class, a powerful mid-sized cruiser, is the backbone of the Cardassian Union's military fleet. Galor-class vessels first entered service in the 2340's, and were initially developed to face Federation vessels of the Excelsior, Miranda, New Orleans and Norway classes. With Starfleet's introduction of the Akira, Ambassador and Nebula designs, the Galor was quickly outclassed. Cardassians therefore adapted new tactics, beginning to rely more heavily on increased production and "hunter packs" of three.

Four Galor-class variants are known to exist, including the Type-3 version in wide use throughout the 2360's. The larger, more powerful Keldon-class was originally adapted from the Galor-class design. Galor-class warships regularly patrol the Federation/Cardassian border, and the Maelstrom.

Terms and Conditions of the Cardassian Union's surrender, following the Dominion War, expressly forbid the production of warships or the build up of military fleets.

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