Repair Team Assignments

This area is reserved for the current ship systems that are damaged and being repaired. You have three repair teams who will automatically repair systems in the order they were damaged. If only one system is damaged, all three of your repair teams will work on it at the same time so it will be repaired three times as fast. Click any system on this list to move it down in priority, making room for the next damaged system.

Damaged Systems - Damaged systems not currently being repaired appear in this area. As systems are repaired, the topmost systems on this list are automatically assigned to a repair team. If there is any system you want repaired immediately, click on that system, and it will be immediately placed at the top of the repair queue.

Destroyed Systems - This is a list of systems that have been damaged beyond repair. It is a useful reference during combat and will clarify your overall status and disadvantages. The only way to repair these systems is to dock at Starbase 12.

Power Transmission Grid

This panel shows the current state of your ship's batteries and Warp Core. The Warp Core produces all the power for your ship, as well as keeping the ship's Main Battery and Reserve Battery charged. The Power Transmission Grid allows you to change the amount of power allocated to your ship's systems. Increased power will result in increased performance, although it may drain your batteries over time. Decreasing power will reduce a system's performance, but will reduce battery drain (or allow for recharging if power

usage is Low enough). Learning to balance the power Levels on your ship will increase your ship's combat effectiveness, especially during prolonged engagements.

There are three main components to this panel— the Power Source Gauges, Power Used Bar, and the Power Allocation Sliders.

Power Source Gauges These are the three vertical bars on the right hand side of the display. The left bar represents your ship's Warp Core. The middle bar represents your Main Battery, while the right bar represents your Reserve Battery.

Warp Core - This bar displays the condition of your Warp Core. As your Warp Core takes damage, its ability to produce power will be reduced (this will be reflected in the Power Used Bar). If your Warp Core reaches 0%, your ship will suffer a warp core breach and be destroyed.

Main Battery - This bar represents the charge level in your Main Battery. If your power usage is more than the Warp Core produces, power will be drawn from the Main Battery and the gauge will show the battery decrease. If you are not using too much power, then the Main Battery will slowly recharge.

Reserve Power - This bar represents the charge level in the Reserve Battery. If the ship's power usage is very high, you will drain the Reserve Battery, and the gauge will show the battery decrease. If you are not using too much power, then the Reserve Battery will slowly recharge.

Power Used Bar

This color-coded bar (whose sections correspond to the Power Allocation Sliders) shows the total power being used by your ship systems—a longer bar corresponds to increased power usage. The frame surrounding this bar allows you to see the source of the power being used. The frame is divided into three sections:

Blue - This corresponds to your ship's Warp Core. This is the amount of power constantly produced the Warp Core—if you are using less than this amount, the remainder will be used to charge the ship's batteries.

Yellow - This corresponds to your ship's Main Battery. If you are using more power than your Warp Core can provide, the bar will enter this part of the frame as power is drawn from the Main Battery. If you are constantly draining power from the Main Battery, it will eventually run out and stop providing power.

Red - This corresponds to your ship's Reserve Battery. In extreme situations, you may be drawing more power than your Warp Core and Main Battery can provide. In this case, the bar will enter this part of the frame and the additional power will be drawn from the Reserve Battery, up to its limit. You cannot draw any more power once your reserve capacity is fully utilized and the bar reaches the far right of the frame.

Power Allocation Sliders

This section, located below the Power Used Bar, allows you to control the power levels for each of your systems. Drag the slider on each bar to the desired power level—the power level is shown on the right end of each bar. 100% is the normal capacity for each system, although you can boost them all the way up to 125% if necessary. (There are no ill effects from doing so, except for the increased power draw.) This extra capacity should be used carefully, since the higher drain could leave you without battery power at an awkward moment.

Weapons - Increasing the power to weapons will make them charge or reload faster. Decreasing power will slow recharging and reloading.

Engines - Increasing engine power will make your ship more maneuverable, and will increase your maximum speed; decreasing engine power will make your ship turn more sluggishly, and move slower.

Sensor Array - Higher power Levels will increase the effective range of your sensors, while reduced power will shorten their range. The power allocated to the Sensor Array also affects the range at which objects appear on your Target List.

Shield Generator - Higher shield power increases the recharge rate of your shields. Lower power levels result in a slower recharge rate.

Note that if you take damage to the Warp Core, your power settings may be automatically adjusted to account for reduced warp core capacity.

There are two additional items that may appear under the Power Allocation

Sliders, depending on your ship's configuration.

Tractor: On/Off - Indicates whether your tractor beams are powered on or off.

Cloak: On/Off - Indicates whether your cloaking system, if applicable, is engaged or not.

Power Usage Tips

These are some simple tips and guidelines for managing your power.

  • Try not to waste power. Leaving your ship in Red Alert (with all of your systems powered) over a long period of time will eventually drain your batteries. When you are not in combat, go to Green Alert to conserve power and recharge your batteries.
  • If you notice your ship behaving more sluggishly than usual, or objects dropping off the Target List, check your power settings. You may have suffered damage to your Warp Core, or run out of battery power. Adjust your settings, if necessary, to deal with the reduced amount of power available. Remember that Warp Core damage will cause your batteries to drain faster, since the Warp Core is no longer providing as much power.
  • If your Power Used Bar extends out of the blue frame, you are draining your battery. If it does not, you are recharging the batteries. If the bar extends into the yellow frame, you are using your Main Battery, and if it extends all the way into the red frame, you are also using your Reserve Battery.
  • Docking and repairing at a starbase will replenish your batteries.
  • Tractor beams and cloaking devices are very useful in combat, but remember that they can quickly drain your batteries. Keep an eye on your battery levels while using them, and try not to use them for extended periods of time.

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