Service Jacket

FROM: Captain Didier LaFleur Captain Commanding USS Baltic

RANK: Lieutenant Commander DOB: 3/23/2345


Class of 2368 175 of 330

Starfleet Academy Science Award - 2 yrs Sortek Scholarship for Science - 2 years Masters Degree Vulcan Science Academy 2368

Vulcan Science Prize 2372

DATE: 4/7/2376

SUBJECT: Lt. Commander Miguel P. Diaz EVALUATION:

Lt. Commander Diaz has served my command as Science Officer for five years. In that time, he has gained promotion and executed his duties as Science Officer in an outstanding and professional manner. Mr. Diaz meticulously maintains the Science Station, its library and extended files and all related operations. His exceptional knowledge and proficiency at the Science Station have been integral to our ship's successful operations, in peacetime and in combat situations.

If I had one thing mildly critical to say of Mr. Diaz, it is that he harbors some bitterness toward the Klingons due to an unfortunate incident in his family history. To his credit, he has never allowed this bias to interfere with any communications or relationships with Klingon personnel with whom he has had to work under conditions of mutual treaty.


I heartily endorse Lt. Commander Diaz's transfer to his new station on the USS Dauntless. His captain will be well served.


FROM: Commander Toman Tresan DATE: 1/20/2371

Senior Commanding Science Officer USS Mohawk

SUBJECT: Lieutenant Miguel P. Diaz


Lt. Diaz has served as junior Science Officer for three years and has been an exceptional officer. He voluntarily took on the task of upgrading and refining the operations of the Science Station, in what is admittedly an aging vessel, and improved it remarkably. In addition, he has been invaluable in his contribution to the bridge command as a whole.

If he has any vulnerability, it may be in his deep passion for science, almost to the exclusion of a personal life outside the ship. However, Lt. Diaz has demonstrated that his extensive knowledge of the subject is extremely effective in training new Science Officers. His relationships with junior officers, particularly in the science division, are warm and he is well regarded by subordinate and superior officers.


Promotion to senior Science Officer immediately.


FROM: Sarpon DATE: 10 Tehir 2364

Master Prefect of Space Sciences Vulcan Science Academy

TO: Whom It May Concern:


Ensign Diaz is one of the most diligent and intuitive students of space sciences ever to gain a degree from this Academy. While his Starfleet Academy academic record was only average, his work in the specific areas of sciences recommended him to us as a master's candidate. During the two years of his attendance at this school, he twice won the Sortek Scholarship—the most rigorously contested scholarship this Academy offers. Further, his grades place him at the top of his class, an almost unheard of achievement for a human at a Vulcan institution of learning. Ensign Diaz's thesis on altering sensor reception patterns to achieve a higher degree of accuracy is a candidate for publication as a textbook.

In the opinion of his instructors and those granting his master's degree, Ensign Diaz's achievements have been exemplary, and his service to Starfleet will be equally outstanding.

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