Displacement: 200,000 metric tons

Length: 350 meters

Beam: 190 meters

Height: 150 meters

Complement: Variable

Phasers: None

Shield Ratings: 6 Fore, 6 Aft, 6 Dorsal, 6 Ventral, 6 Port, 6 Starboard

Hull Rating: 20

Cardassian Starbase

Cardassian Starbases are massive, heavily armed orbital space stations, featuring an Operations Center, a promenade containing stores and service facilities, an outer docking ring, and three massive docking towers. The docking towers house several ore processing facilities, originally used by the Cardassians to refine uridium ore. The normal personnel complement is 300, but the station is capable of sustaining 7,000 individuals. These stations provide support for all manner of space vessels, as well as sector defense.

Two Cardassian Starbases are known to exist—Terok Nor, now Deep Space Nine, operated by the Federation on behalf of the Bajoran people, and its sister station Empok Nor. However, Cardassians favor the number three, and it has been widely speculated that a third station must exist. The location of this station remains a mystery, though Starfleet Intelligence has uncovered references to a Litvok Nor.

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