Displacement: 236,642,306 metric tons

Diameter: 4,600 meters

Height (overall): 6,950 meters

Decks: 1,200

Complement: 15,000 Starfleet; 20,000 to 35,000 civilian;

6,625 transients

Phasers: 8 RIM-12C Independent Twin Mount Phaser Emplacements

Shields: High capacity shield system, approx. 75,600,000

Terajoules Hull Rating: 220

Federation Outpost Based on the Reguta starbase design, modern Federation Outposts are significantly larger and more versatile than earlier space facilities. Two variants of the modern outpost design exist, including the scientific Starbase 173 design and the more spartan combat-oriented design first introduced with Starbase 375. Either type provides for starship support and deep space scientific research, as well as significant defensive capabilities of their own.

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