Displacement: Overall Length: Overall Draft: Overall Beam: Propulsion:



Phasers: Torpedoes: Shields: Shield Ratings: Hull Rating:

3,055,000 metric tons 464 meters 87 meters 317 meters

2 LF-35 Advanced Linear Warp Drive Units

2 FIG-5 Subatomic Unified Energy Impulse Units

Warp 6.0 Standard Cruising Speed

Warp 9.0 Maximum Cruising Speed

Warp 9.8 Maximum Attainable Velocity

100 Officers, 400 Enlisted Crew, 0-50 Passengers (500 Total

Standard Crew), 4500 person evacuation limit.

8 Type X Colli mated Phaser Arrays

6 MK 80 Photon/Quantum Torpedo Tubes (4 Forward & 2 Aft)

FSQ-7 Primary Force Field and Deflector Control System 15 Fore, 10 Aft, 10 Dorsal, 10 Ventral, 10 Port, 10 Starboard

Ambassador-Class Starship The Ambassador-class heavy cruiser, commissioned in 2325, was designed as a replacement for the aging Excelsior-class. A larger Explorer-type vessel capable of longer-duration missions, it generally served at the edge of Federation space, at the forefront of first-contact missions. Ambassador-class ships have included the U.S.S. Adelphi (NCC-26849), the second U.S.S. Excalibur (NCC-26517), the U.S.S.

Zhukov (NCC-26136), and the fourth starship Enterprise (NCC-1701-C). The class is gradually being replaced by the even larger and more advanced Nebula and Galaxy-class starships.

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