Command Transmission To Squadron Recruits

Welcome to the 45th Volunteers. Count yourself lucky to be part of the most patriotic and highly motivated team in the fleet!

Don't let being members of the 45th go to your head. We've got a tough job to do, so cooperate with the other squadrons. There's plenty of glory out here for everyone.

The 45th has access to state-of-the-art fighters, missiles, gunnery, and a top-notch flight crew to keep you up and running. You'll need them. The Coalition has us outnumbered and our supply lines are strained.

Stay frosty out there.

—Squadron Leader, Maria Enriquez

"Yeah, I'm lucky. I get wingmen who were Academy dropouts, ex-cops, and a bunch of rookies with as much zero-G combat experience as a flying squirrel. Try not to blow me up."

—Brad "Viper" Callan

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