Communications Display

Two-way video and audio feed is encrypted and transmitted between Alliance fighters and capital ships via the Communications Display. To activate this display, press C.

All units within range are assigned a number in the Communications Display. You can contact these units by using the corresponding numbers on your keyboard. To obtain permission to land, request a rearming, or request a nanny ship, first contact the base ship.

"Unscrambled messages are prohibited. Let's face it, though, you rocket jockeys chatter more than my ninety-year-old Aunt Linda. Don't let anything classified slip out. And don't let those Coalition pilots bait you into a suicidal maneuver."


"After any mission it's easy to spot the rookies. They're drifting outside their base ship waiting for orders! You got to ask for permission to land. Did I mention the last one in the hanger buys the first round?"

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