Multiplayer Game

To play a multiplayer game of Starlancer:

  1. Establish the network or Internet connection that you will use for multiplayer. Click Multiplayer on the main menu.
  2. Select your connection type—MSN Gaming Zone, TCP/IP Internet, LAN IPX or TCP/IP Modem, or Serial.

MSN Gaming Zone: To play on the Zone, create a Zone Name and install the Zone software. After you've done this, enter a Starlancer game room and start playing! For more information, go to http:// and click Help.

TCP/IP Internet: Connect across the Internet or a network that uses the TCP/IP protocol.

Local (LAN) IPX or TCP/IP: Connect across a network using the IPX or TCP/IP protocol.

Modem: Connect two computers using a modem. Serial: Connect two computers using a null-modem cable.

3. Decide whether you want to host or join a game.

  • To join a game, select a game session and click Join Game. If connected via the Internet TCP/IP protocol, you must enter an IP address or press Find Games, then select a game session and click Join Game.
  • To host a game, click either Host Cooperative or Host death match. For cooperative missions, type your call sign and select the game mission you want to play, then click Start Game. To host a death match, enter your call sign, select a ship and scenario, and then click Start Game.

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