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Steel Panthers: World at War adds a new chapter to the popular Steel Panthers series from designer Gary Grigsby and published by Strategic Simulations Inc. Though SP: WAW is based largely on Steel Panthers game system, it is far more than a sequel. It transforms a classic DOS game into a Windows format that can be easily played on most computers. It richens the tapestry of combat with enhancements to armor, infantry and artillery, and more faithfully representing WW2 combined arms warfare than previous versions. The sound and graphic enhancements add a whole new dimension of immersion into the game.

So, climb into the turret and take command. You make the decisions as you command individual tanks, guns and squads of infantry. Your battlefield is the era of World War II, from the Japanese invasion of China in 1930 to the hair-trigger standoff between Communism and the Free World in 1949. Choose from the forces of twenty-seven nations as you maneuver over a wide range of terrain, from the steppes of Russia to the island jungles of the Pacific.

SPWAW comes with more than 175 scenarios as well as several long campaigns and a sample Mega campaign. Players may also create their own battles using the game's powerful Editor. Games may be played against the computer, face-to-face, by E-mail and over the Internet.

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