Apprentice Instructions for Spellcasting

You know your party is about to encounter certain dangers; another sand mephit, or perhaps a serpent of Set intent upon attacking your party with its venomous bite. If the area is safe and fate has given the characters time enough to prepare, spells can be prayed for or memorized.

To spellcast, first determine if a mage or a cleric accompanies the party. A mage has a golden spellbook displayed, centered above his or her portrait on the Adventure Screen. For a cleric a golden holy symbol appears in the same location. (An icon comprised of both a spellbook and a holy symbol is displayed for a multi-classed character with both skills.) When you bring up the Main Menu, among the choices are REST, PRAY, and MEMORIZE. To choose cleric spells, left-click on PRAY. To choose mage spells, left-click on MEMORIZE.

To bring up the Main Menu, move the cursor over the Eye of Ra icon which appears at the bottom center of the Adventure Screen. By left-clicking when the mouse cursor is over the Eye of Ra, the Main Menu appears in the center of the Adventure Screen. Double right-clicking over the Eye of Ra "quick saves" your game and returns you to the DOS prompt.

When you click on MEMORIZE, the spell screen which appears contains a list of mage spells. It also indicates the number of spells available for each level of a mage's experience. To decide which spells are readied for use, place the cursor over the - or + signs next to your choice and left-click. For example, if three Level 1 spells are available, your mage may choose three chill touch spells, or two of one sort and one of another, or three separate Level 1 spells could be chosen.

If more than one mage is with the party, icons bearing the names of the mages appear at the top of the spell screen. Simply click on the name of the mage you wish to memorize spells. Click on DONE when you are finished.

A cleric can pray for spells in a similar fashion.

In order to use the spells chosen, your character (s) must now rest. REST is one of the choices on the Main Menu. It is available only if there are no monsters nearby and your party has the time to stop and prepare its spells. Left-click over the REST option and your magic-users prepare their mystical

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