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Feather Fall, Fly, Jump, Levitate

These are useful spells when changing levels horizontally, whether descending safely from one level to another, rising to an overhead cavern entrance, or attempting to escape the attack of an unfriendly creature by flying right over it. Jump allows the party to leap forward through cavern openings above them and land safely on the other side.


Use haste when your party faces monsters who prove to be very fast. The haste spell allows melee attacks to be made more often. Cast this spell on a character before dangerous battles.

Invisibility 10' Radius, AInvisibility to Undead

Invisibility spells are useful to hide your character from mystic sensors and prying eyes. Even when a character is invisible, most monsters sense his or her general location, though monsters receive big penalties on attacks against invisible targets.

Knock, Wizard Lock

Knock proves useful for opening stuck, barred, locked, or wizard-locked doors. Wizard lock magically locks doors (a useful method for keeping monsters from following the party).


A glow equal to torchlight is fixed on an object when this spell is cast. This is an especially useful bit of magic for any party exploring underground ruins or the depths of ancient temples.

ARaise Dead

With the raise dead spell, a cleric can bring one of his or her fallen comrades back to life. Unfortunately, this spell is not effective on elven characters.

ASpeak with Animals

This spell allows a character to gain information from animals and occasionally to persuade the animals to do favors for him or her. It is effective on ordinary creatures such as cats, dogs, and bears, but does not work on fantastical creatures or hostile opponents.


Teleport provides the party with a magical means to change its position, either to escape from an impossible situation or to attempt entry into a location for which no other method of entry has been found.

ATrue Seeing

When true seeing is in use, the cleric sees things as they really are; he or she is not fooled by illusionary walls, and invisible monsters, items, or magical effects become visible.

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