Pray for Spells

With this option clerics select the spells for which they wish to pray. By left-clicking when the mouse cursor is over the Eye of Ra icon, the Main Menu appears in the center of the Adventure Screen. When you left-click on PRAY, a screen of available cleric spells appears. If more than one cleric is in the party, their individual names appear on icons at the top of the screen. You can then choose which cleric is to pray for spells by clicking on the appropriate icon.

By left-clicking the cursor over the - and + signs on the spell screen, the choice of spells is made. Only the number and type of spells available to a character of your cleric's level and experience are allowed; nevertheless, you have much to look forward to as the cleric(s) in your party advance in levels, becoming ever more masterful spellcasters. Clicking on DONE returns to the Adventure Screen. Remember though, a cleric must REST before his or her spells can be cast.

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