Spells And Powers

In Stone Prophet, your party challenges the dangers of Ravenloft on a journey which takes them into the desolate, desert world of Har'Akir. To survive in this land, no party should be without its own mage or cleric trained in the ancient art of spellcasting. Following are descriptions of spells your magic-wielding characters may use to fend off the dangers of Har'Akir, or to conquer its greatest challenges.

In addition to spells, a number of character "powers" have been implemented. These powers include both class and race abilities. A ribbon appears when powers are present, displayed in the same location as a cleric's holy symbol or a mage's spellbook. The ribbon appears in combination with these icons if the character is a cleric, mage, or a multi-classed cleric or mage. Left-clicking on the ribbon icon brings up a standard spell list. To display a character's abilities, left-click on the ribbon appearing to the left of the lst-level spell button.

In Stone Prophet, both spells and character powers appear in different colors for you to identify them. After a spell is cast, it appears in gray until it is again ready for use.

Mage Spells — Pink Cleric Spells — Yellow-green Elven Powers — Light blue Half-Elven Powers — Blue Jackalwere or Wemic Powers — Purple Ranger Powers — Green Paladin Powers — White Thief Powers — Light green

Legend for


0 = the spellcaster

Spell and

Touch = the character or creature touched


Close = adjacent square


Medium = up to 2 squares away Long = as far as visible range


Instantaneous = flash or instant effect Short = single combat round Medium = effect lasts for some time Long = effect lasts quite a while Permanent = effect lasts for entire game Special = see spell description

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