Free Build

Stronghold's Free Build maps allow you to construct the castle of your dreams without fear of enemy attack.You must still manage your economy carefully, and grow at a controlled and methodical pace to avoid running out of any critical resources. Free Build mode is also an excellent way to practice with the interface, or test out the effects of various game elements. Use it to observe the effects of religion on your Popularity, or gauge the number of food workers you need to support a large...

Perimeter Turret

The smallest of the stone towers, the Perimeter Turret is quite possibly your best defensive expenditure. It must be attached to a wall to provide troop access, so it is best suited to the corners of a castle, or length of wall. Keep in mind, the Perimeter Turret is built on a shallow foundation, so it is especially vulnerable toTunnelers.


Pitch is arguably the most valuable defensive resource in Stronghold. Place your Pitch Rig in the swamps over bubbling oil.The pitch is collected and carried to the Stockpile, where it can be used in Oil Smelters for boiling oil , or to build pitch ditches, areas in the ground that can be ignited with flaming arrows.