Raising Taxes

After winning a mission you have earned the right to levy outrageous rates of tax on the helpless citizens. The Territory Box might indicate a happy population paying 14%, but that won't keep your agents in uzis and bionic implants! Raise taxes and increase Syndicate profits.

But you'd better watch for population mood changes. If you're hammering them with excessive tax demands and they're anything less than Content, the citizens can turn rebellious. You could end up fighting an extra mission (and thereby spending extra Syndicate funds) to bring the territory back in line. Check on the current mood by left-clicking your controlled territories at the World Map screen. Lower taxes if necessary to improve the mood and prevent rival Syndicate insurgents taking advantage.

Right-click the arrow to the right of the current tax figure to raise taxes in 10% increments, or left-click to increase them an agonizing single percentage point at a time. The money raised is displayed next to the tax figure; your head spins as you watch it rise! Click the down arrow on the left of the tax figure should you wish to lower the tax rate for some insane reason.

All the cash raised is added to your overall Budget over time.

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