Introduction to Tex Murphy

Tex Murphy is a mid-21st century P.I., who tries—with mixed results—to emulate the style and philosophy of the classic film noir detective. Divorced, perpetually broke and cursed with inconsistent social skills, Tex doesn't fall into the "super hero" category, but usually manages to succeed despite himself

The first Tex Murphy Adventure was 1989's Mean Streets, followed by 1992's Martian Memorandum. But it wasn't until Under a Killing Moon (Software Publishers' Association "Adventure Game of the Year for 1994"), that Tex really garnered notoriety. UAKM also introduced Chelsee Bando, Tex's elusive love interest, who returned in UAKM's sequel, The Pandora Directive. The alleged UFO crash at Roswell, the mysterious Mayan civilization and a tricky little love triangle made for an adventure that was the only "game" nominated for the Software Publishers' Association Best Overall Multimedia Product of 1996, and that won numerous Adventure Game of the Year awards.

Tex Murphy: Overseer finds Tex and Chelsee together again, with Tex telling her the story of his very first case. An exciting, funny, fast-paced mystery/adventure, Overseer is great entertainment on its own, but also fills in a lot of details from Under a Killing Moon and The Pandora Directive, and sets the stage for another installment (already in the works) in the proud MURPHY tradition.

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Aaron Conners

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