Quick Start

  1. Move the mouse to the top of the screen to expose the Control Panel.
  2. Click the New Game button.
  3. Type your name into the field below Player Name.
  4. Click Begin.

* Note: If you are new to interactive adventure games, you should play the default Entertainment game mode.

5. Click Ok if you are new to interactive adventure games.

Otherwise, select Gamer level and click Ok.

6. Watch the introduction movie sequences carefully as there may be clues that will help get you started on your interactive adventure with Tex Murphy Overseer. Your first Character Conversation will be with Chelsee Bando on the Vidphone. Just select the responses that appeal most to you and you cannot go wrong.

*Note: there will be pivotal interactive situations throughout the game, in which the wrong response can have a negative impact. So save your game often.

Following your interactive conversation with Chelsee is a movie sequence with Tex and Chelsee at Chelsee's apartment. This is where the plot begins to take shape.

Your first VR session is in Tex's office 6 years ago when he was a young inexperienced PI about to break all the rules and make some of the biggest mistakes of his life. It you are unfamiliar with the movement controls, see page 12.

To get the ball rolling: enter the back bedroom and pick up the Parcheesi game. Playing the Parcheesi game will trigger a movie sequence that reveals how you landed your first case and open the door to the rest of the game. See page 16 if you are unsure how to pick up the Parcheesi game.

The control panel is the control center for Overseer. All the buttons for Starting, Saving and Resuming Saved Games, Hints, Help, Configuration Preferences, etc., are located here. To access the control panel, simply move the mouse cursor to the top of the screen. Below are detailed descriptions of each control panel element.

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