To Get a Hint

1 Activate the Control Panel by moving the mouse cursor to the top center of the screen.

2 Click the Hint button, or press the F4 key at any time. This will display the Hint Directory Screen. The topics listed are unresolved problems or puzzles. These topics are level 1 hints and will cost you 1 point.

  1. Locate the problem or puzzle for which you require a hint and click the button next to it with the left mouse button. The next screen displays the steps already completed.
  2. If you need a hint, select the button to the left of the incomplete step nearest the top of the list. The next Hint will appear. This is a level 2 hint and will cost you 4 points.

Hints that have not been completed are displayed in "red" and remain red until the step is completed. All completed steps appear in green. You cannot select a hint further down the list until you have completed all the previous steps.

IMPORTANT: Each time you select the Hint button or press F4 you are penalized 1 point for looking at the hint directory. When you get a level 2 hint you are charged 4 points. If you want to achieve a perfect score of 1500 points (entertainment level), you must complete the game without using any hints. You may disable the hint system il you wish to eliminate the temptation.

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