After the Match

After a match, the following screens are displayed before the menu is called, providing you have not deactivated them in the options. You can deactivate them under 'Game Settings' and on the individual screens.

Match Report

First, the matches that human players were involved in are summarised in a comprehensive match report.


In Total Club Manager 2003, interviews and press conferences take place before and fter the match, but only ever consist of one question. You must choose one of the ihree specified answers. Immediately after your answer, you are informed of the c onsequences. Table

The current table is then displayed after each match day (see Statistics on p. 52). Scorer List

The list of the most successful goal scorers is displayed. Sans and Injuries

" his screen displays the players banned or injured on the day of the match

Team of the Day

At the end of the match day, the team of the day is worked out. This always happens when at least half the matches of a match day take place on one day. Important information on the previous match day is also provided here.

Course of the Season

You are provided with additional information over the course of the season. This includes the 'monthly honours' and the World Cup and European Championship at the end of the - ;-ason. In certain countries, you are also provided with the results of indoor tournaments Training Progress

As soon as at least one player's playing level changes over the course of the week, a list of these players is displayed. At the end of the season, you can display a summary of all positive and negative changes. Evaluation of new Signings

After 10 match days, the new players you hired in the club are assessed. All players ho moved to a club on July 1 or later are assessed. The screen is displayed for each league that the human player is playing in. The screen is always displayed after the Team of the day, after the 10th match day. European Cup Nominations if you have qualified for a European cup competition, you must select your squad for this. You can nominate up to 25 players for this. The screen is only displayed if you have at least 26 players in your squad.

Season End

At the end of the season, a series of screens is displayed summarising the events:

  • Team of the year, made up of the players most frequently nominated for team of the day.
  • Overview of national and international title-winners.
  • Overview of all promotions and relegations in all the leagues integrated in the game.
  • Overview of all transfers at the end of the season, including a small transfer balance.

" 'European Footballer of the Year' is named .

• New European 5-Year table is displayed.


The Editor is a program independent of Total Club Manager 2003. which you can use to change practically all the data used in the game. Please make saves frequently and changes gradually to ensure your enjoyment is not marred by over-tweaking the game's data.

EA Tip: Before you start editing data, you should look on the Internet to see whether you can find the country already edited there. If you edit data, you should first have found out about data in the other countries, so that you can rate your players realistically in comparison with other countries. Note: For further information, go to Most of the menu items are self-explanatory, but some general information is given below.

Note: The Editor is a powerful tool for extending the complex Total Club Manager 2003 world of football. However, you can make changes that considerably reduce the fun of playing, or may even have a negative impact on the program (for example, if you delete data or set huge bonuses). If problems occur during the game, this may be due to data you have changed. Therefore, please check whether the same problems occur with the original set of data.


Under 'Country / League system / Cup competitions', you can modify the league systems and cup competitions in the individual countries. In the case of countries without player data, you must activate the 'Generate Names' option under 'General Information' and the game automatically generates names. Deactivate this option if you intend to create clubs for this country manually. League Fixtures

You can create a whole timetable of fixtures in detail in the Editor (including double home/away legs). Only the dates for the European Cup are fixed. They serve as points of orientation, and cannot be moved.

Note: You cannot enter anything one day either side of a match day. Clubs

Under 'Club' or 'Player list of the club', you can edit the club data once you have selected a country. For the club, you can change the badge or jersey, or enter historical data. If you want to include your own badges in the game, you should copy these to the 'Badges' directory. Note that four different sizes are required for each badge. It is best to simply use the existing badges as an example. Plagers

Before editing players, you should get to know Total Club Manager 2003 or at least see About the Players on p. 9. Above all, please note that the positions only influence how much match practice a player has in that position, but do not represent the player's best position.

If you want to integrate photographs of players in the PLM2003, you should first copy them as BMP files (resolution exactly 109 x 146. 24 bit) into the 'Picture' directory in your PLM2003 directory. You can then import the pictures in 'General Information' using the SELECT FILE function. When you then start a new game, the player's picture is displayed in the player info, for example.

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