Fished Out Tropico

Before you get started know that this is one HARD scenario. The first thing to do is to get rid of the cannery. Then start building hotels everywhere. Don't try to make any other form of income. Concentrate on just building various hotels and attractions. At the start you will probably have some problems because the soil is horrible for growing everything except for sugar. This is fine for making money but not good for trying to feed your people. Eventually the soil evens out and corn becomes a viable farming good.

This one really iiist requires a lot of luck

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  • Don P
    Careful when demolishing things, the builders consider their number one priority to remove the rubble in far away lands ignoring other tasks and that can be fatal. <br /><br />This almost costed me the victory as I had a profitable island by 1980 (3 normal hotels + pool + beach) but my luxury hotels were not being finished in time because the workers wasted their job time walking to the cannery debris.<br /><br />Just give the demolition order and put it on low priority or on hold, this would raise your tourism rating even if the buildings are still standing.
    9 years ago

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