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Scenario Description: The good news is that you're el Presidente! Congratulations! The bad news is that there will be mandatory, fair elections every few years because the world is watching. Some good can come from this, though; the U.N. will instantly build the first three buildings you choose for free. Oh, and did I mention that there is only $5,000 in the treasury? No wonder this scenario is rated so ridiculously hard.You must stay in power for 30 years, but the score is based only upon the happiness of your people.

People on this island are particularly restless.You can lose elections even with a relatively high happiness rating. Use every happiness boosting trick up your sleeve to win tight elections (pay raises, tax cuts, Mardi Gras edict, etc).


^ Dictator characteristics: Leftist author, Elected for family values, Scholarly, Coward, Cheapskate

Democracy expectations: Very high

Overall respect: +5%

^ Militarist faction: -5%

Religious faction: +15%

^ Intellectual faction: +35%

Tourism rating: +10%

Education: +50%

Building costs: -5%

Radio &TV dogma: +50%

  • Soldiers and supporters twice as likely to flee in battle.
  • Cannot pay any workers more than $25 a month.
  • Before you place a free factory building, check the prevailing

CHAPTER 8: Pre-Designed Scenarios 157


When the scenario begins, you have a fisherman's wharf, a dock, one teamster's office, one construction office, five farms, four houses, a logging camp, and a palace.

The most important thing is to choose the first three buildings wisely. Choose a foreign ministry so you can get aid from the U.S. or Russians, and then build a high school and a cigar factory. Convert three farms to tobacco and build many more. Get developmental aid from the Russians and get those tenements and apartments built. Build a pub early on and issue the Mardi Gras edict as soon as possible.

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