Plantation Paradise

Scenario Description: Tropico's plantation owner is dead and you have been declared their new leader.Your job is to build a good economy and make some money for yourself.You must last 50 years and boost the treasury and your Swiss bank account.The difficulty rating is hard.


  • Dictator characteristics: Man of the people, Communist rebellion, Hardworking, Entrepreneurial, Compulsive liar,Tourette's syndrome
  • Democracy expectations: Very low
  • Overall respect: -5%
  • Religious faction: -20%
  • Communist faction: +30%
  • Intellectual faction: -15%
  • Relations with USA: -15%

Relations with Russia: +10%


Overall productivity:+10% ^ Farmer productivity: +10% ^ Overall export prices: +10% ^ Annual pay-per-view revenue: $1,000

160 CHAPTER 8: Pre-Designed Scenarios

When this scenario begins, you have a diplomatic ministry, a rum distillery, a few bunkhouses, one teamster's office, a construction office, three farms, a dock, an airport, and a palace.

This scenario is much easier than it's rated.Take advantage of the mineral deposits throughout the island, and construct some mines. See if you can score in excess of 2000!

The luxurious gardiens outside your palace.

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