Epic Warhammer Universe

  1. Scene of fighting between Blood Angels and Orks.
  2. Glacial world, invaded by Orks and reconquered by Blood Angels.

ADANTRIS V. Segmentum Pacificus, high technology world destroyed during the Macharian Campaign when a comet was redirected into it.

  1. Ork planet.
  2. Ultima Segmentum, steppe world, recruiting world for Roughrider regiments. AVAR III. Imperial World.
  3. Segmentum Tempestus, Imperial Navy base. BALLE ALPHA. Imperial planet attacked by waa-Gogard. BALUR. Ultima Segmentum, Ork world. BARAC. Segmentum Solar, Imperial recruiting world. BASSUS PRIME. Desert world.
  4. Feral and backward world known as the "Black Planet" owing to the fact that it receives almost no visible light.
  5. World in which an Ork invasion was stopped by a combined Ultramarine and Legion of the Damned force.
  6. Imperial world.
  7. Ultramar, airless planet where the entire population lives underground.
  8. Jungle type deathworld.

CASTRA PAVONIS. Imperial planet.

CATACHAN. Segmentum Solar, jungle type deathworld.

CERES XIV. Imperial Outpost.

  1. Ork planet.
  2. Ice planet.

CYPRA MUNDI. Segmentum Obscuras, Imperial Navy base. DULMA'LIN. Segmentum Solar, Imperial recruiting world. EPSILON OCTARIUS. Segmentum Tempestus, Ork world.

  1. Segmentum Obscuras. Homeworld of the Space Wolves chapter. FLOHS III. Feral world overrun by Orks. GALEN V. Desert world.
  2. Segmentum Solar, satellite of Jupiter.
  3. Jungle planet, site of large conflict between forces of the Imperial Guard and Orks.

GODRATZ WURLD. Ork planet.

GOLGOTHA. Squat Homeworld, invaded by Ghazghkull Thraka. GORRO. Planet where the Emperor and Horus fought Orks in the Crusade. GRAGNAR. Ork world attacked by Eldar of Lugannath Craftworld. GRYPHONNE IV. Forge world and home of the War Griffons Titan Legion. GUILUS II. Ork planet, homeworld of warlord Gogard. GUNDASTOL. Ork world.

HELLION V. Site of battles between Orks and Imperial Guard. HOPTOR IV. Imperial world.

  1. Segmentum Pacificus, Imperial Navy base. IAX. Ultramar, garden planet. ICOLBAR. Imperial world.
  2. Segmentum Pacificus, planet where Lord Solar Macharius sustained terminal injuries while fighting Orks.
  3. Segmentum Pacificus, jungle planet conquered by Lord Solar Macharius.
  4. Segmentum Tempestus, Ork world.

KAR DUNIASH. Ultima Segmentum, Imperial Navy base.

LEVILNOR IV. Imperial planet attacked by Orks while Salamander Marines were purging the heretical Star Cult.

LUCAN - Space Wolf outpost.

  1. Segmentum Solar, moon of Earth.
  2. Ultramar, homeworld of the Ultramarines chapter.
Final Liberation
  1. Segmentum Solar, Primary forge-world of the Adeptus Mechanicus and home of the Legio Ignatum Titan Legion.
  2. Scene of fighting between Space Wolves and Orks, once the site of an advanced civilization.

NUZZGRONDS WORLD. Ork planet attacked by Space Marines and Titan Legions.

OKKU. Imperial planet whose governor sold his population into slavery to Orks.

PISCINA IV. Segmentum Obscuras, oceanic world invaded by Orks led by Ghazghkull Thraka and Nazdreg.

PROCON SECUNDUS. Scene of bitter fighting between Space Marines of the Howling Griffons Chapter and Orks.

QUARAN. Desert world attacked by the Orks of the Waa-Makrima. RAELS WORLD. Imperial planet attacked by Orks.

ROTHERN I. Imperial planet where the Vindicator assault tank was first developed. RYNNS WORLD. Site of conflicts between Orks and White Scars Marines.

RYZA. Segmentum Solar, forge world invaded by Orks.

SAN LEOR. Home of religious warrior sect Daughters of the Emperor, notable for being wholly composed of female members.

SILVANOS II. Agri world attacked by Waa-Ugulbitz.

SKEMDAK I. Ork World.

STROMHELM II. Desert planet attacked by Orks.

  1. Ultramar, oceanic planet which saw fighting between Orks and Ultramarines.
  2. Segmentum Tempestus, desert planet, attacked during the Horus Heresy by Iron Warriors Chaos Marines. Site of the Cursus of Alganar a relic of the Dark Eldar.
  3. Steppe world, site of a battle between Orks and Imperial Guard.
  4. Earth, Segmentum Solar, seat of the Emperor of mankind and the home of most Imperial offices.
  5. Segmentum Solar, moon of Saturn and base of the Gray Knight Chapter of Space Marines.
  6. Homeworld of Ghazghkull Thraka.
  7. Imperial Guard recruiting planet.
  8. Imperial planet.

V'RUN. Segmentum Tempestus, Ork world.

WAKKALUB III. Imperial Planet.

  1. Imperial planet.
  2. Ultima Segmentum, Ork world.
  3. Forested planet, home to the mimic race.
  4. Homeworld of the Fire Hawks Chapter, destroyed by thermal bombs during the Age of Apostasy.
Imperial Guard Shadow Sword


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