When units are involved in combat, they may (and likely will) take damage from the opposing force. This damage comes in two varieties - wounds and kills. Wounds are represented by the number next to the "blood drop" icon, and kills are displayed next to the "skull" icon. Each shot made by the opposing unit is calculated separately, and may result in inflicting one of the following.


Wounds reduce the number of attacks a unit may make and bring it closer to destruction. A unit may only make a number of attacks per turn equal to its maximum strength minus the number of wounds and kills it has received. Additionally, wounds are only recovered when the unit completely forgoes a turn in order to rest. A unit that rests with no adjacent enemies recovers all wounds. A unit that rests WITH an adjacent enemy heals only one wound. Resting in a Structure hex (a town, city, or shrine for example) always heals at least one wound and one kill. The healing provided by rest happens immediately, before the opposing player's turn begins. Note that Special Abilities can change these rules.


These represent damage or kills upon the unit that may not be recovered, only replaced. When a unit suffers a kill, it may only be replaced by resting at a structure hex. When a unit rests at an appropriate location, it is either brought to maximum strength (if there are no adjacent enemies), or one wound and one kill are replaced if there are adjacent enemies. Single entities NEVER suffer kills, only wounds - any result which would have been a kill is instead treated as a wound. Note that Special Abilities can change these rules.

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