Imperial Assault Units

Imperial Assault Squad_

Imperial Assault Squads are among the most dedicated and battle hardened of the Imperial Guard. They are prepared to take their place as the sharpened tip of the Imperial lance, the vanguard of any attack or coun-terassault. Imperial Assault Squads are equipped with close quarter weapons.

Imperial Assault Squads prove their value in hand to hand encounters with heavy opponent forces in almost any terrain.

Terminator Assault Squad_

Terminator Assault Squads are armed with specialist close combat weapons like lightning claws. These weapons provide added protection to the Terminator. At the same time, lightning claws are capable of destroying any foe in melee combat, shredding opponents with high-power energised claws of mono-point edged ceramite steel. They are used when combat is likely to take place at very close range, such as boarding actions or firefights in built-up areas and hive-cities. Nothing can resist the advance of these behemoths at point blank range.

In a lightning attack, Terminator Assault Squads can penetrate any level of defenses, from heavy, well-defended positions to emplacements protected by War Machines.

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