Sword of Wrath

  • Thunder rolls forth from this blade, while lightning dances along its edge. It is a >, hurricane barely containable by a mortal fist. Enemies are often paralysed with
  • ie , . fear at the mere sight of this awesome weapon, and few can stand the force of its blade. Rumoured to be one of the swords forged by the great god Vaul long ago, the Sword of Wrath was last wielded by an Exarch of the Dire Avengers in ages past on a forgotten Crone world. Its presence on this Maiden World is a mystery, but its power is well known. The Sword of Wrath is a blade of righteous fury; its destiny is to rend the enemies of the Eldar.

A unit wielding this blade gains the special ability Lightning Field. A Dire Avenger also gains the special ability Terrifying.

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