Tyranid Devastator Units

Brood Missile Team_

Those infected by the Tyranid Genestealers are driven to follow the com-■ , pulsion of all Tyranid and breed new warriors for the Hive. The children * 111056 infectecl by the Genestealers are born as Hybrids, hideous monstrosities bearing the traits of both Genestealers and their parents, Hfc^" including extra arms, claws, and armour. Hybrids share their parents'

fanatical devotion to the cause of the Hivemind. The Brood Missile Teams use their Missile Launchers to take a toll on enemy War Machines and Aerial units alike. They can set up ambushes and crossfires that leave enemy vehicles twisted, burning wrecks.

Brood Missile Teams have an effective ranged attack, but they are quite vulnerable to close quarters combat.

Venom Warriors _

The most striking characteristic of the dreaded Tyranid Venom Warriors are their unholy weapons, the Venom Cannon. The Venom Cannon is a long, powerful bio-weapon that fires salvos of a highly corrosive poison at high velocity. The poison is formed into crystals which are encrusted with a metallic residue. When the weapon fires it uses an electrostatic charge to accelerate its deadly ammunition to supersonic speeds. A target struck by the Venom Cannon is either killed by the impact and blast of electrical energy or by corrosive fragments of the poison crystals when they shatter.

Venom Warriors make excellent front line troops, striking sufficient fear into the enemy that they may retreat or break even before the Venom Warriors' Venom Cannon can wreak havoc in their squads.

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