Tyranid Psyker Units

Hive Tyrant_

The Hive Tyrant is a gigantic, many-limbed alien horror. In addition to its fearsome claws, fangs, and whip-like tail, the Hive Tyrant carries the feared Venom Cannon into battle for the devastation of enemy forces at range. The Venom Cannon fires salvos of a highly corrosive, electrically charged poison at high velocity. A target struck by the Venom Cannon is either killed by the impact, the blast of electrical energy, or by corrosive fragments of the poison crystals when they shatter.

While all Tyranid share a group consciousness, the Hive Tyrant acts as the prime focal point for swarms, relaying instructions and keeping the individual members of a swarm in control and on target. As such, killing the Hive Tyrant can disrupt the cohesion of Tyranid swarms, though it may be easier to face the full force of the swarm than kill the Hive Tyrant.


p. When a psychically active being is infected by the Genestealers, that being may become a Magus. A Magus is a Psyker who is unwaveringly loyal to the Hivemind, and uses his vast powers to aid the swarm in its conquest and consumption of all other life. The Magus frequently acts as an organiser and controller of the Hybrids and Genestealers in an area, functioning as the psychic relay for the brood. The Magus's standard attack is a Psychic Blast.

Like all Psyker units, the Magus can use one of four Psyker Powers per turn, depending upon his experience level. Wounds do not slow a Magus in battle, as his number of attacks stay constant, even near death.


Related to Tyranid Warriors, the Zoanthrope is an extreme genetic creation which has psychic powers coded into its very cells. Because it relies so greatly upon its psychic abilities, the Zoanthrope's body has withered compared to its fearsome relatives. Nonetheless, the defensive abilities of the Zoanthrope cannot be underestimated. In battle they can hurl blasts of psychic energy that vaporise metal and disintegrate flesh in an instant. Zoanthropes also protect themselves with a powerful psychic barrier, making them almost invulnerable to enemy fire.

Like all Psyker units, the Zoanthrope can use one of two Psyker Powers per turn. Wounds do not slow a Zoanthrope in battle, as his number of attacks stay constant, even near death.

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