Tyranid Tactical Units

Brood Guard _

Those infected by the Tyranid Genestealers are driven to follow the compulsion of all Tyranid and breed new warriors for the Hive. The children of those infected by the Genestealers are born as Hybrids, hideous monstrosities bearing the traits of both Genestealers and their parents, including extra arms, claws, and armour. Hybrids share their parents' fanatical devotion to the cause of the Hivemind. Brood Guards are armed with Lasguns.

Brood Guards are equally suited for all situations. Their fanatical devotion to the Hive makes them willing to sacrifice themselves in all situations.


Although smaller in size than many other Tyranids, Termagants are agile, fast, and cunning. It has six limbs and a chitinous outer shell, its powerful body swooping low to the ground for speed. Broods of scuttling Termagants form the bulk of the Tyranid swarms. Termagants tend fight in groups, using their numbers to make up for their lack of individual size and strength. The Termagant is armed with a Spike Rifle. This weapon is made up of a bony muscle-lined tube which contains a row of forward pointing spikes. When the Spike rifle is fired, a powerful muscle contraction hurls the first spike in the row at its target with armour piercing force.

Termagants are prone to overwhelm their opponents by sheer numbers on the battlefield and are otherwise evenly balanced for all types of missions.

Tyranid Warriors_

a Tyranid Warriors form the heart of the Tyranid swarms and act as psychic nodes directing the will of the Hive Mind to the lesser creatures under A&J'jtl:^ their command. They are powerful, accurate, agile, and devastating fight-^Br^C ers in close combat, exceedingly difficult to kill. Highly intelligent, Tyranid Warriors possess a thick, chitinous carapace which can absorb considerable ™ tq. damage. They are armed with the Barbed Strangler. The Barbed Strangler is fired from a simple launcher which is little more than a muscled tube. This projectile is a living organism which explodes upon entering living tissue, releasing a concentrated mass of writhing tentacles, tearing the unlucky victim apart within seconds.

Tyranid Warriors are the backbone of the Tyranids' Tactical strength, striking fear into opponents and acting as a rallying point for other Tyranid units.

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