Into Battle

Once you have Issued your Initial orders It Is time to end the deployment phase and start the battle. To do this, press ENTER, or left click the red arrow on the scroll at the top of the screen. The white flags will disappear. You will also hear a rumble of thunder, indicating the start of a new Winds of Magic' cycle (which is explained in more detail in the BATTLE MAGIC section). Your regiments will now act on the orders you gave them. As the mission progresses, new situations will arise. You will hear responses from all regiments (friend or foe) as these events unfold. For example:

Confirmation of new orders that you have just Issued to a regiment. A new enemy regiment has just been seen. Their banner will now appear on the H.U.D.

One of your regiments has defeated an enemy regiment. Some of your troops need help - use the Hero button, some magic and/or send In some of your other regiments to help them out. One of your regiments Is being attacked by an enemy using ranged weapons, e.g. archers firing arrows. One of your regiments has charged.

See SPECIAL RULES In Appendix B for more details on fear. One of your regiments has fled the melee. You must learn to react quickly to these events as they occur. Learn to switch between your regiments and Issue fresh orders. Thinking on your feet Is but one of the requirements for being a successful Commander!

"Aye sir" "Enemy sighted"

"Enemy destroyed" "Help us!"

"We're under fire!"


"We fear the enemy!" "Retreat"

Aborting Mission

If you want to abort the mission, press F1 key. A small menu will appear. Abort will quit the mission and return you to the Main Menu, whilst Continue is self-explanatory. You can also adjust the sound balance from this menu. The game will pause whilst this menu is displayed.



The Winds of Magic are the means by which all Wizards cast their spells. As magical energy seeps Into the material world It fragments into eight distinct types or qualities. Just as oil spilled onto water produces a rainbow of colours, so magic produces a polychromatic display of swirling clouds. These Invisible clouds blow from north to south, some magic riding high, other falling to the ground and seeping Into the earth and rock. There are many different types of magic in the Warhammer world. In Dark Omen you will encounter four - Bright, Ice, Waaagh and Dark. A full spell list for each of the above can be found in the Appendices. You can also learn about them within the game by browsing through an appropriate Wizard's spell book In the Troop Roster.

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