Waaagh Magic

Ores and Goblins are so unlike other creatures that they generate their own form of energy. As individuals this effect is negligible, but as a mob their combined minds produce an awful lot of concentrated energy. In large amounts this energy excites Ores and Goblins and this sense of euphoria and common identity is known as the Waaagh. This energy vents itself through the most receptive Ore or Goblin mind present. Such individuals are called Shamans, and use the power of the Waaagh to cast their magic spells.

Brain Bursta

Magic Power points cost: 1 (per Bolt)

The shaman sends a bolt of energy flying towards the target. The first target hit by the blast will suffer the unfortunate consequence of their head exploding in a shower of bone and blood. Tougher creatures can withstand this mental assault, but armour offers no protection whatsoever. By channelling more magic into the spell, the Shaman can produce multiple bolts. To achieve this, click up to 3 times on the spell icon.

Gaze ofMork f

Magic Power points cost: 2

The shaman sends out a searing beam of energy, delivering a mighty mental blow to anything in its path and causing massive internal wounding. The range of the shaman's power is good, and the spell is effective against all targets who are caught in its path.

Da Krunch

Magic Power points cost: 3

The shaman's wailing for divine intervention is answered as the enormous foot of Gork stamps down on the target unit. Gork is not always precise about where he treads, but when on target the result is devastating.

Fist ofGork

Gork imbues the shaman with astounding powers in melee. For a short period of time, vaporous fists swirl through the fray, lashing out repeatedly with astonishing accuracy and strength and causing severe casualties in the enemy ranks.

Mork Save Vz

Magic Power points cost: 1

This spell protects the chosen Ore or Goblin regiment from all magic for a short period of time. Mork Save Uz not only dispels any spells currently cast on the regiment but also renders the target unaffected by all magic, including friendly magic, for the duration of the spell.

Ere We Go

Magic Power points cost: 2

The shaman can inspire to greater efforts any friendly regiment within a long range, for a short period of time. The target of the magic becomes tougher and stronger, giving it a considerable advantage In melee.

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