Your retinue consists of Generals, Allies, and high-level units that can be carried over to another scenario. The number of units you are able to have in your retinue depends on the Charisma of your hero. If a scenario allows players to start with units (see "Unit Setup Points" on page 15), a version of the Retinue Screen appears before the game begins. From this screen you can select members of your retinue and basic units for your race to start the skirmish with.

At the completion of a scenario, after the Results Screen, the Retinue Screen always appears. You are given the option to include one or more new units in your retinue. Any regular units who have three or more medals, any Generals you have built, and any Allies that have joined you, are eligible. Sometimes Allies will also appear randomly at the end of a skirmish.

Square in your retinue, left-click on it. If there are no empty squares, you can click on a unit in your retinue and replace it with the new one. You can give an individual unit in your retinue a specific name, simply left-click on their current name and then type over it.

Any unit from your retinue that is killed in battle is placed in the graveyard. You can visit the graveyard from the "Retinue" screen via the Graveyard button.

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