Dwarves are a tough and hardy race, with plenty of hit points. They have high resistance skills against magic. They are slow, not having any cavalry, but are very good at building. The defensive structures of the Dwarves are the best available, as are the siege weapons. Dwarves require lots of gold and ore for army production, and stone for buildings.

Tips for playing this race:

  • Upgrade your Runners with the Royal Messenger skill from a level 3 Palace. Runners are needed to chase down speedy enemies.
  • Upgrade the damage and armor of your Infantry with skills from the Smithy.

Upgrade the missile damage of your Crossbows with the Fletcher skill from the Archery Range.

The Engineering skill from the Library allows faster and stronger building. Build Watchtowers for excellent defense, particularly near resources.

  • If you put a Smith into a mine, he counts for two armies instead of one.
  • To create havoc, get your Dwarves drunk at the Inn with the Dwarven Brew skill.

In addition to the armies described following, Dwarves can also potentially build these units:

Ballista, page 75 Catapult, page73 Battering Ram, page 73 Eagle, page 76

1 Griffon, page 76 1 Dragon, page 77 1 Ferry, page 74 1 Destroyer, page 75

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