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I Heroes, Generals, and the Phoenix are the only units that can convert I neutral or enemy buildings to your side. This is a particularly useful way to obtain resources.

All levels of Keeps can also convert buildings in a wide area around themselves. This is a slow process, but is useful for getting resource points at the start of a game. It also allows you to still convert buildings if your hero has been killed early in the battle.

To convert a building with an army, move the unit next to the desired building, then select Convert in the Control Panel. Your army stays there until the building is converted. If you are using your Keep to convert, all the buildings in the area that are being converted will be highlighted with a red circle, and your Keep can do nothing else until the process is finished.

You can check on the progress of the conversion, by selecting your army or Keep. The percentage counter is shown in the Display Area. A sound, and a gold sparkle over the building alert you to a successful conversion.

To learn more about converting buildings, you can also play the tutorial "Resources & Conversion."

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