Humans are a good all around side. They produce their armies, who mostly have average combat and speed, at an average rate. A peculiarity of the Human side is that they have three generals - a Red Mage, a White Mage, and a Black Mage. The race has no specific weakness, but no outstanding strength either. Humans require lots of gold and ore for army production, and stone for buildings, but do not have much need for crystal.

Tips for playing this race:

  • Pikemen are particularly good at fighting cavalry.
  • Upgrade your Pikemen with the Palace Guard skill from a level 3 Palace.
  • Upgrade the missile damage of your Squires with the Flaming Arrow skill from the Archery Range.
  • Upgrade your Knights with extra damage skills from the Cathedral.

Humans can produce a White Mage general with a level 4 Palace, instead of level 5. You need to build a Library to allow you to produce Catapults and Mages. You need lots of ore for army production, so be sure to convert Ore Mines. The Market has a Trade skill, which allows you to convert one type of resource into another.

In addition to the armies described following, Humans can also potentially build these units:

Catapult, page 73 Eagle, page 76 Pegasus, page 76 Dragon, page77

1 Ferry, page 74 1 Scoutship, page 74 1 Warship, page 74 1 Destroyer, page 75

Missile Range: N/A Speed: Average (8) View Range: Average (10)

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