"3H In Warlords Battlecry, heroes, and some armies, have the ability to * I cast spells. Only heroes have a spellbook and the ability to learn new spells. A hero's mana points are indicated in the control panel, below the small blue orb on the right of the hero picture. Left-clicking on this orb, clicking on the Spellbook button in the Control Panel, or pressing the S key, brings up the spellbook.

Run the cursor over a spell to see a description of its effects on the right side of your spellbook. To cast a spell, simply click on it.

Each spell has a casting cost associated with it. This is deducted from the caster's mana points each time the spell is cast, no matter if the outcome is a success or failure. If the caster does not have enough mana points, the spell cannot be cast. Mana points regenerate over time, at a speed that depends upon the caster's Magery skill level. Spells you cannot cast because you don't have enough mana are grayed out in the spellbook.

To learn more about casting spells, you can also play the tutorial "Spellcasting."

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