The Game Menu

#To bring up the Game Menu for Warlords Battlecry, click on the black skull in the control panel.

Load: Select this, then choose the game you wish to load, and click on Load.

Save: Select this, then choose the game you want to overwrite from the Save List, or type in a new name, and click on Save.

Pause: Select this to pause the game. A message appears. To restart the game, click Pause Game again. You can also press F12 to pause the game.

Options: Select this to alter the sound, settings and graphics to suit your preferences. See "Setup Options" on page 15 for details.

Victory Condition: Select to review the victory condition for this scenario. "Victory Conditions" are described on page 10.

Resign: Resign from this scenario without saving and return to the Main Menu. Quit: Quit the game without saving and exit Warlords Battlecry entirely.

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