Wood Elves

Wood Elves are nature lovers. They are very fast, have good scouting abilities, but not many hit points. They are extremely weak in melee combat, but their archers are the best missile armies in the game. Wood Elves require gold and crystal.

Tips for playing this race:

  • Once you have four Wisps, you can produce an Ancient Wisp with the Ancient Wisp skill from the level 2 Mystic Tower.
  • Increase the regeneration rate of your armies with the Healing skills from the Healer.
  • Upgrade the missile damage of your Gladewardens with the Flaming Arrow skill from the Archery Range.

1 Increase the damage of your Treant with the Thorns skill from the White Tree.

1 Although Wisps, Ancient Wisps, and Treants are builders, they cannot be put into mines.

In addition to the armies described following, Wood Elves can also potentially build these units:

1 Wisp, page 72 1 Ancient Wisp, page 73 1 Sprite, page 75 1 Imp, page 75 1 Phoenix, page 76 1 Griffon, page 76 1 Dragon, page 76

1 Ferry, page 74 1 Elven Galleon, page 74 1 Scoutship, page 74 1 Scoutship, page 74 1 Cruiser, page 74 1 Warship, page 74

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