If you think there is indeed a trap on a chest you've found, choose this option. Next, select a character to disarm the trap; characters who are skilled in skulduggery are your best bet.

On your screen, you'll see a list of traps typically found on chests within the Wizardry. Scroll through the list until you find the trap you're looking for and press [RETURN], If you're right, and your character has the ability to disarm the trap, the chest will successfully open, and the bounty will fall into your hands. On the other hand, if your character bungled the disarming, or if the trap wasn't what you suspected it was, you may set the trap off. If it doesn't blow up, try disarming it again or simply leave the chest alone, though you won't get the loot.


If you suspect there is no trap on a chest, or if you're feeling really adventurous, you can just open it. Pull its lid back and grab for the gold. If there is a trap present, it will most certainly blow up. Therefore, you should always Inspect a chest for traps first.

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