"Edit" allows you to change some of the basic features of your party while an expedition is in progress. You may change a character's name, portrait or profession. You may also replace a current party member with a brand new character.

Change Name: Just like the "Change Name" in the Character Menu, this option allows you to give your character a new name. Remember, however, that Wizardry will not allow you to have two characters with the same name, or a name longer than seven letters.

Portrait: Here, you can view all the various faces Wizardry has to offer, and if you like, you may select a new one for your character.

Change Profession: When your character feels it's time for a change of pace, "Change Profession" allows him or her to switch careers mid-life. On your screen, you'll see all of the professions that the character qualifies for. Keep in mind, each profession has its own minimum entry requirements, so you may not see every possible choice among your selection (see Appendix B: Character Professions for information on minimum entry requirements). Select one of the professions you see, or

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