Entering Bane of the Cosmic Forge

The swords are readied; shields are held aloft; magic users prepare their incantations. When you first enter Wizardry, you'll see the screen below.

Although this window looks just like the Master Options window, it is here that you will watch monsters as they jump from your swords, view the world as you move through it and wonder as riddles unfold. Each small window on the screen has a significant meaning.

Along the top of your screen, you will see six small boxes which represent magical spells that can be cast to enhance your characters' strengths, abilities and protections. Although these boxes may not be active right now, they can have a majestic power with the helping hands of the right spell caster. From left to right, you will find ...

Enchanted Blade: Empowers swords with an extra "umph" so that it's easier to hit the monsters and penetrate their armor.

Armorplate: Provides magical armor protection to the party by lowering everyone's armor class.

Magic Screen: Gives the party extra resistance to magical spells by reducing the amount of damage, the power or the effectiveness of magical spells which come the party's way.

Direction: Gives the direction (north, south, east or west) that the party is facing in the dungeon.

Detect Secret: Magically detects the presence of hidden items, unseen passages and the like, and "blinks" when your party passes such mysteries.

Levitation: Lifts the party several inches off the ground and provides protection from falling into things such as pits. Of course, Levitation will not save your party if you wander off the top of a castle tower.

The window in the center of the screen holds all of the action. The dungeon's walls, flowing water, unknown creatures, spells from the hands of a magician ... you will see it all in this window.

The windows to the right and left of the action window hold your characters' icons.

Each icon contains the character's name, portrait, profession, status, condition, hit points, stamina and weapons selected (or a bare hand if there's nothing in that hand).

The message bar alerts you to any changes in your party's state, or a certain course of action. For example, you may see "Resting...", "An Encounter" or requests for you to make a choice among different options.


Primary Weapon Secondary Weapon

Stamina Hit Points Condition Status


Along the bottom you see the Party Options Window and the Movement Window.

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