IA[onPiayer Characters

Not all creatures within Bane of the Cosmic Forge attack your party. In fact, certain creatures can be very friendly with the party. These creatures are called Non-Player Characters (NPC). NPCs are just like your Player Characters. They have their own lives, thoughts, statistics, items, etc. They also have great memories: "Ah, I remember you," he says as he looks over your brood. "Didn't you steal 100 gold pieces from me last time you were here?" Wizardry (acting as a game or dungeon master) controls the NPCs' movements, just as you make decisions for your own characters.

Each NPC relates to your characters individually and as a group. While some of your characters may meet with his approval, others, because of their personality or a mismatched karma, may not. If an NPC seems less than friendly toward one of your characters, try approaching him or her with another.

When you meet an NPC, your party has several options available to them.

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