Hidden Items

When you select this option, everyone begins searching the square the party occupies only. The chances of someone finding something hidden is dependent upon class, race, level and abilities. This option is extremely important, as nothing may be particularly obvious about the fact that there is a Magic Staff buried a foot beneath the ground upon which you stand. Only a thorough investigation of the ground could possibly reveal that something was buried there. Hence, anywhere it seems likely, or you have a hunch, have everyone search for hidden items. Who knows? You may actually find something from time to time!

Sometimes there won't be a clue presented as to the whereabouts of certain items, or even that a particular item exists. It will be up to you, the great one in charge of things, to play your hunches whenever there is even the slightest possibility that something may be concealed nearby.

S)ecret Doors

When you search for a secret door, you have the option of doing a manual search, everyone is looking for a door on the section of the wall you are facing. Character class, level, and race play an important part in determining the ability of that character to find a secret door. You may also let someone cast the Mage Spell, Calific. This spell will always reveal a secret door, if one is present. Obviously, secret doors are invisible unless you find them, and what's more, if you don't see them, then you can't go through them!

It is possible for One-way doors to exist as well; that is a door on one side of a wall, but not on the other. If you continually fail to find a Secret Door where you suspect one is, then there may be no way to activate the secret door from that side of the wall. If you want to be sure no secret door exists, cast Calific. Again, it will always reveal the door if one is there.

D)ead Bodies

Inspect the current area of the Maze for other adventurers. If a party of adventurers gets left in the Maze or killed, Wizardry remembers where they are. Of course, monsters may drag them off into other areas, but usually they get tired from lugging their prey before they get too far. If you start another expedition, go down to where they are, and inspect the area. If you find the soul you're looking for, add him or her to the party. If you can't find them, the Priest spell Kandi may come in handy. In order to find them, you must be close enough to them so that you could walk to where they are without going through a door. Additionally, there must be room in your party to hold the new members. Then press [I] to I)nspect the area, and [D] for D)ead Bodies.

Since it is possible to leave a party alive and well in the Dungeon, you may take another party into the Dungeon and have them Inspect for Dead Bodies where you left the previous party. The previous party will then be presented before you. Should more than ten characters be in the same area, Inspecting for Dead Bodies will only show you the first ten. You will have to pick up some of them before the others will be shown.

P)icking Locks

Select [P] to pick a locked door. While anyone may attempt to pick the lock, generally speaking, only a Thief or Ninja has a reliable chance of successfully doing so, dependent upon the character's level and abilities. Additionally, the Mage spell Desto may provide some assistance with locked doors. See the section on Mage Spells at the back of this manual.

Failure to pick a lock means that you will have to try again. But wait a while before you do. There may be a troop of monsters on the other side blocking your way! Just take a stroll, have a few good fights, and then come back and try again. This does not apply to Desto, which may be cast as often as necessary until either the door unlocks, or you determine that the lock is too difficult for you to unlock at this time. Some doors are magically locked, and can only be opened with a special item. If this is the case, all attempts to Pick the lock (or cast Desto) will fail.

U)sing an item

Press [U] to use an item in the Maze. You will then be asked which character wishes to use an item. Lastly, a menu will display the items the character has and ask you which item to use for whatever purpose is intended. If the item has a magic spell then the spell will be cast. If the item has a specific purpose, such as a key, then using it on a locked door will tend to unlock the door.

If the item you wish to use is not identified (unknown), then you can't possibly know how to use it properly. If you select to use such an item, you will be told that you are trying to use an unknown item, and it will not be used. However, if an item casts a magic spell, such as an unknown potion, you will be allowed to use it.

Q)uick-Save Party/Q)uitting the Game

Press [Q] to Quick-Save your party or to Quit the current expedition. Quick-Save automatically saves your party at their current position and status with all spells cast intact, and leaves your party in the maze to continue on in their expedition. For example, if the power on your computer should suddenly fail, your characters would be intact at the point where you last Quick-Saved them. To Quick-Save your party,

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simply press [N] for "No" when Wizardry asks if you want to "Quit This Expedition." Again, your party will be Quick-Saved automatically.

It is recommended that you Quick-Save your party often, otherwise if the computer were "accidently" turned off, you would lose all experience and items you had gained on the current expedition!

If you answer "Quit This Expendition?" with [Y] for "Yes," your party will remain in the maze, and you will be returned to the Castle. Wizardry will remember where you quit, and you will be able to use the "Restart an Out Party" option in the Utilities to pick up where you left off. You could also take another party down to find the first party.


As you travel through the Maze, you will occasionally find unusual markings. These may represent stairs upwards and downwards, special passageways you might want to explore, messages scrawled on the walls and dark areas into which you cannot see. Note these markings well! For they may assist you later on (or presently) in your voyage.

Swimming Pool Blues

As you explore the Dungeon, you will come upon magical pools that allow you to go diving at different depths. Your characters will learn the fine art of swimming gradually. Inexperienced swimmers have an excellent chance of drowning; do not throw a first level character to the bottom of a pool. Learn the pools well, because they contain many magical benefits that the party may have need for from time to time. Of course, there is always an element of risk.

All pools are different. Some will have effects that others do not. Whether the effects are good or bad is often merely a matter of luck the first time you dive. As a final clue, a lot of the items you may find in pools are not of the floating type.

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