Knock Knock

If you can't seem to force the a door down, or get the tumblers just right, there is still a chance that you can open the door. Just call on your magic user. From the Party Options window, select the "Spell" option. Next, choose a character who has the Knock-Knock spell. Cast the spell (remember the power of the lock on the door when you're casting your spell), and hopefully, if the spell power is enough, all of the monsters' efforts to keep you out will have been in vain and the door will open. Knock-Knock also works to open regularly jammed doors. When you cast KnockKnock, you will see either "Success" or "Failure"; if it's the latter, try increasing the power level. However, if you see "Jammed", it means you've encountered a magically jammed door. You'll need a special item to open it.

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