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CALIFIC REVEAL Type: Exploring Affects: Caster

Calific will always reveal a secret door if one is present on the wall the party is facing.

MAHALITO BIG FIRE Type: Combat Affects: 1 Group

Mahalito causes a fiery explosion to erupt amid a monster group, doing 4 to 24 hit points of damage.

CORTU MAGIC SCREEN Type: Combat Affects: Entire Party Cortu erects a magic screen relative to the level of the caster to prevent magic spells from affecting the party Each successive casting adds to the barrier. It even helps protect against "breathing" monsters.

KANTIOS DISRUPTION Type: Combat Affects: 1 Group

Kantios attempts to disrupt one monster group. The spell interferes with any action requiring some mental thought by the monsters (casting spells, breath, calling for help). Any monster or person affected may not be able to execute some options otherwise normally available.

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