Level Mage Spells

MALOR TELEPORT Type: Any time Affects: Entire Party

When cast in Combat, Malor randomly teleports the party to another location on the same level. When cast in Camp, the caster can select the destination precisely. Teleporting outside the Maze, or into an area of solid rock, will have catastrophic results.

MAHAMAN BESEECH Type: Combat Affects: Variable

A Call upon the Gods for favors. This spell cannot be cast except by a Level 13 character or greater and the caster is drained 1 level of experience if successfully cast. However, the wish granted is by the choice of the caster, and often the benefits far outweigh the price.

TILTOWAIT KA-BLAM! Type: Combat Affects: All Monsters

The effect of this spell is somewhat like the detonation of a small, tactical nuclear weapon, and causes from 10-100 hit points of damage to all the monsters opposing the party!

MAWXIWTZ MADHOUSE Type: Combat Affects: All Monsters

Mawxiwtz is a super-charged Vaskyre, causing utter havoc and pandemonium in the monster ranks.

ABRIEL DIVINE MAGIC Type: Combat Affects: Unknown No one we know has ever learned this spell, hence its exact effect is unknown. Rumor has it that this is a spell often employed by the Gods when they want to battle other Gods that they despise.

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