Level Priest Spells

KATU CHARM Type: Encounter Affects: 1 Monster/1 Group


When Katu is cast in combat, it attempts to charm the monsters, thus preventing them from attacking the party Any monster charmed will likewise be easier to hit. When cast in non-combat situations (interactive encounters), the spell attempts to charm the Non-Player Character (NPC) so that it regards the party in a friendly manner.

CALFO X-RAY Type: Looting Affects: Caster

Calfo permits the caster to determine the nature of a trap on a chest with excellent reliability.

MONTINO STILL AIR Type: Combat Affects: 1 Group

Montino causes the air around a group of monsters to stop transmitting sound, thus preventing them from casting spells!

KANDI LOCATE DEAD Type: Camp Affects: Caster


Kandi gives direction of the person the party is attempting to locate and retrieve relative to the position of the caster.

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