Lowering your Insurance Premiums

The first rule of the successful Wizardry player is "Thee who turns and runs away, lives to run another day." Don't be ashamed to run from encounters where the monsters have the upper-hand. When first starting out, run back to the Castle often (even after each encounter) to rest, replenish your spells, and heal your wounded. Never go deeper into the Dungeon until you are quite comfortable on the current level. Avoid the temptation to take on "just one more encounter." Use your spell-casting characters wisely. When you are fighting your first few groups of monsters, cast a Katino spell, knocking out the opposition so that you'll have plenty of leisure time in which to eliminate them. Naturally, this will not work against certain monsters, and you'll have to run away from these creatures until you become more powerful. If your characters become poisoned, and you don't have magical means to cure them, run for the Castle as quickly as you can! Keep an eye on the victim's hit points! If they go down to 1 or 2, go to Camp and cast a healing spell if you have one. If you get any monster encounters on your way back, run away You lose hit points by poison much faster in combat.

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